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Welcome to eVoteMAX FAQ!

Below are the most frequently asked questions about eVoteMAX.
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Q. What is needed to register?

A. To register you need your first and last name, street address, phone number and the zip code of the Property you own, as well as the email address you provided to the Association for electronic voting. This information will allow eVoteMAX to locate your record and complete a simple registration process. As a result of your successful registration, you will receive an email that confirms your login User ID. Your email address will be used for all future communications from eVoteMAX.
You will not be able to vote until you successfully register to do so.

Q. Residential vs Commercial registration...

A. There is very little difference. Use your Company name instead of first and last name. The rest of the requirements are the same.

Q. What if the Registration process cannot find my record?

A. Please contact your eVoteMAX Support Center for assistance in correcting the issue.

Q. How will my email address be used?

A. According to our Privacy Policy your personal information cannot be used for any other purposes, but to communicate with you. Example: Registration Confirmation, Voting receipt and other such alerts.

Q. How do I cast my ballot?

A. Only eligible registered owners can vote, so it you haven`t yet registered, please do so. Once registered, eVoteMAX will locate your registration record and will guide you through the voting process. Once you cast your vote, eVoteMAX will send you a voting receipt email that confirms your actual vote. Your email address will be used for all future communications.

Q. Why can`t I access the voting screen again?

A. Once you`ve cast your vote in a Vote of Directors, eVoteMAX revokes your voting privileges for that particular vote. You will be able to access the voting screen again for votes other than a Vote of Directors.

Q. What if I own more than one unit in the same association?

A. eVoteMAX allows you to vote for each of your units individually. You`ll be required to register only once, however you may cast your vote for as many units as you own. As you cast your vote for a particular unit, eVoteMAX will revoke your voting privileges for that particular unit, and so on until you`ve voted for all of your units.

Q. What if I own various units in various associations?

A. eVoteMAX will only allow you to cast a vote in the associations which is holding an online vote. If more than one community in which you own property is using eVoteMAX to conduct online voting, you must register and vote in each individual association in which you own property and in which the association is conducting an online vote.

Q. How can I view the vote results?

A. Once the vote duration time has elapsed, and the vote verified by the eVoteMAX Support Center, the vote results will then be published and accessible by the same user id and password you`ve used to cast your vote.

Q. Is my vote private and secure?

A. Absolutely, eVoteMAX is completely safe and secure. eVoteMAX is encrypted and compliant to the highest standards of banking transaction processing, such as PCI and NACHA. eVoteMAX employs only the strictest encryption cyphers throughout its connectivity, transport, and database management.

Q. What happens if I need help getting started?

A. Not a problem, just contact the eVoteMAX Support Center for assistance and we'll be there to help you. Whether you're registering, voting or simply viewing the vote results, someone will always be ready to assist you.