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Below are the most frequently asked questions about eVoteMAX.
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Getting Started:
Q. How do we get started with online voting?

A. An association's ability to offer online voting as a voting option should begin with a conversation with association counsel about whether or not the proper advance legal steps were taken. eVoteMAX is a means of voting, not a substitute for the legal advice required to properly conduct an online vote and to properly notice and conduct the meeting. eVoteMAX offers no legal advice nor can it confirm whether or not the necessary legal prerequisites have been met. eVoteMAX does reserve the right to reject any voting materials which it deems inappropriate. Once you have confirmed with your legal counsel that you are good to go, you simply come back to eVoteMAX, make your purchase and create an account for the Association. Once you create an account, you will be provided with step-by-step instructions on how to upload the necessary documents to start the online voting process.

Q. How much does eVoteMAX cost?

A. There are no annual subscription fees to use eVoteMAX nor is the cost to use the software tied to the number of owners voting or the number of units or lots in your community. There is a flat fee to use the software on a "per voting event" basis. Several different votes can be bundled into one voting event. For example, you can bundle the election of directors, waiving reserves, approving a material alteration and amending the documents into one vote which will trigger only one fee.
Communities pay $500.00 per voting event and purchase the right to use eVoteMAX by credit or by ACH transaction.

Q. Once I buy the eVoteMAX does that mean I can use it for all future votes or do I need to register and pay again if I want to conduct another vote online?

A. No, eVoteMAX is not used on a subscription basis. Some votes in your community may lend themselves to the use of online voting while others may not.Your association will register one time to use eVoteMAX and after that initial registration you will have access to all present and past votes your community has taken online. You must, however, purchase a license each time you decide to use eVoteMAX for an online vote. More than one representative of an association may purchase the license for a vote so if you change managers, board members or other association personnel, you must notify eVoteMAX of that change so people who are no longer associated with the board cannot continue to log in.

Q. If our Board chooses to do another vote online, is any of my information from the previous vote saved or do I have to start the upload process from scratch?

A. All information from previous votes are saved, however, the uploading process starts all over again, as the Directory of Eligible Voters will likely have changed as owners sell their units; all voting materials must uploaded each time a new vote is set up on eVoteMAX.

Uploading your Vote Materials:
Q. What do we need to send eVoteMAX in terms of setting up our vote?

A. First, you need to set the start and end dates to allow your owners to register to use eVoteMAX. Second, you need to set the start and end dates to allow your owners to vote online. The setting of these dates is entirely within the discretion of the board and should involve a discussion about how you long you should keep online voting open in order to achieve your goals. Many communities will leave online voting open up until the day of the meeting in order to maximize participation.

Q. What kind of materials do we need to upload to take our vote?

A. The one document that is common to all types of votes you may take online is your Directory of Eligible Voters. You will need to send a word document in txt file format or an Excel spreadsheet which directory contains the names, property addresses and email addresses of all owners who have consented to online voting and who are eligible to vote (e.g. their voting rights have not been suspended due to delinquency or violations).

Q. What if the Unit/Parcel is owned by more than one person?

A. If the governing documents require the use of voting certificates then the Association's Directory of Eligible Voters should comply with the voting certificates on file with the Association and an email address should be obtained from the holders of those voting certificates. If the governing documents allow any co-owner to vote, the owner list that is uploaded should include all of the names of the co-owners and the email addresses that have been provided to the Association. Whoever votes first using the email address which was provided to the Association is the vote that is counted. It is recommended that the association discuss the inclusion of multiple email addresses on consent forms and urge owners to supply one email address for the property owned.

Q. What if the Unit/Parcel is owned by a corporation or other artificial entity?

A. This is handled the same way as it is with manual voting. If voting certificates are required then the information for the holder of the voting certificate is included in your Directory. If a voting certificate is not required, then you must discuss with legal counsel who the proper entity is to cast the online vote for such property.

Q. What if properties sell during the time that online voting is open?

A. You would update your list of eligible voters for eVoteMAX. By uploading your updated Directory of Eligible Voters, the new information for a particular unit will overlay the old owner information for that particular unit. In terms of counting the votes, this is handled in the same manner as if the person had voted by paper. If the individual casting the vote was not an owner at the time of the meeting, you don't count the vote and if the new owner shows up at the meeting, he or she can vote.

Q. After our Directory of Eligible Voters is uploaded what else do we need to send?

A. The materials you send should support the type of vote you are taking. For an election of directors, you will send any candidate information sheets you have received and you have the option to upload photos of the candidates if you wish. For material alteration votes, you may wish to upload pictures of the proposed alterations, engineer's reports, etc. You will be asked to approve your online ballot prior to final processing to ensure it meets with your approval and accurately reflects the online vote your members are taking.

Q. Is there any limit to the number of pages which can be uploaded for online voting at eVoteMAX?

A. No there is no limit. You can upload five amendments or five hundred.

Getting Help:
Q. Is there a charge for Customer Service and what are the hours that eVoteMAX Customer Service is available to us?

A. There is no charge for eVoteMAX Customer Service. eVoteMAX Customer Service representatives are located in New Jersey and are available during normal business hours.

Q. What is a eVoteMAX On-site Representative?

A. An On-Site eVoteMAX Representative is trained by eVoteMAX to attend your meeting and integrate your paper votes with your online votes.
An On-Site eVoteMAX Representative can provide a neutral, third-party presence to integrate votes but he or she is not otherwise trained to serve as an election monitor or as a substitute for legal advice at your meeting. There is a flat fee of $400 for an On-Site eVoteMAX Representative which includes travel time.

Seeing the Results:
Q. Who can see what the results of an online vote and when?

A. While an online election is underway, no one can see who is voting including the association board. For other types of votes (e.g. Material alteration or amendment), online voting mimics the current paper process-the board or manager can see how the vote is going to determine if they are going to need another push to urge people to get out and vote. When the online voting is closed and the final results are tallied, owners will be able to see who voted and whether or not the membership vote passed. Just as with paper ballots or proxies, if an association member wishes to see the online ballot cast for votes other than an election of directors he or she must make a proper document inspection request.

Q. How do we integrate the paper ballots with the online votes at our meeting?

A. You can integrate your online votes with your paper ballots in the same manner in which you currently count manual votes. You can have a Counting Committee or your manager in conjunction with a Counting Committee or your attorney log on to eVoteMAX to integrate the online votes cast with the paper votes you have received Those owners who cast a paper ballot would be noted as such so there is one comprehensive list on eVoteMAX of who voted by paper and who voted online. For election of directors, you would not be able to discern how people voted just the method by which they voted. You also have the option to have a eVoteMAX Representative attend your meeting for a flat charge of $400 (regardless of the length of your meeting) to log on to eVoteMAX and integrate the votes for you. If you choose to have a eVoteMAX Representative attend your meeting for this purpose, it is important to remember that such Representative's only function will be to integrate the online and paper votes into the online system. Other aspects of monitoring your vote will remain the responsibility of your association.

Q. Will our Board be able to see all of the prior votes our association has conducted through eVoteMAX?

A. Yes, you will. Associations who use eVoteMAX will be able to log in to the Association Vote Analytics tab to see all of the past votes your community has taken online.

Deterring Fraud:
Q. How does eVoteMAX deter fraud?

A. While the Division Rules allow consent to online voting by email, eVoteMAX further requires owners to provide the email addresses they will be using for online voting on a signed consent form. If another owner attempts to set up a fraudulent email address and register on behalf of someone else, eVoteMAX will not allow that registration to take place. When an association member registers with the appropriate email address, a unique PIN number will be sent directly and only to that email address; the member will then use that PIN number to vote.

Q. I understand that you will only allow owners who have provided their e-mail addresses together with their consent to online voting to vote. What happens if we get e-mail addresses from owners who want to vote online after voting has started?

A. As long as the time to register and vote is still open you would simply add the new names, property addresses and email addresses to your Owner Directory of Eligible Voters and upload that to eVoteMAX.